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The origin of the city's name is unclear. Theories include that it was named for Louisa County, Va. or a corruption of the name of the Levisa or that it was named after Louisa Swetnam, one of the first children born in the area to Europeans.


 The Levisa Fork was originally written and spoken as the "Louisa Fork" which is the likely origin of the name. Explorer Dr. Thomas Walker named the river after a family member. An 1856 map still shows the river under the name "Louisa." Settlement attempts began as early as 1790 but did not take hold until 1818. Louisa became the county seat in 1822 and a city in 1823.


Our Talents

The city is also served by US Highway 23 "The Country Music Highway"and home to the York Brothers, a popular country music act of the 1940s and 1950s as well as famous Country Music Singers/ Songwriters Ricky Skaggs and Larry Cordle who have streets named in their honor.

The area is filled with rising stars of Bluegrass and Country music.

Our History

During the Civil War, Union troops under future president James A Garfield occupied the city from December 1861 until the end of the war, despite several Confederate takeover attempts.

The Chattaroi Railroad (now a part of CSX) connected to Louisa in 1881. 


The first needle dam constructed in the United States was completed just north of town in 1896.

The city was home to Fred M Vinson, the 13th Chief Justice of the United States and is buried in the historic Pine HIll Cemetery. A welcome Center and musuem is now open in his name.

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